We just had the Moon Cake Festival around here so we got an extra day tagged on to our weekend. A bunch of teachers from the various schools around here got together after work on Sunday and we hopped an overnight bus to Yangshuo. It’s this really pretty little town that’s famous for its collection of limestone cliffs and its fishermen’s use of cormorants to fish.

This fisherman assaulted me with his birds and this tres chic hat when I asked to take a picture of him. 🙂

On our first day there we took a bamboo raft down the river to check the view and do a little swimming.


On our second day we rented some bikes and wandered through the country. We got a little lost and ended up in a maze of small villages. We ran low on water and started asking villagers where we could get some more… they pointed us to a well. We finally found the one village which all the others sent their kids to for school- they had a small convenience store and we made the shopkeeper’s day by our excessive purchases of beverages (the best water I have ever had, hands down). Eventually, we did find our way back on to our route and ended up at our original destination- The Buddha Mud Cave. At the mud cave you walk through a cave which is pretty cool of its own accord but then you get to a mud pool where we went swimming. It was a lot of fun. Then you get to rinse off in a waterfall and then soak in the hot springs.


Ben getting ready to make the final leg to the hostel after the Buddha Mud Cave

On our final day we went kayaking down the river to enjoy the scenery, complete our sunburns, and do more swimming. Killing time before catching our sleeper bus back to Guangzhou, we sat by the river and watched boats take tourists out to watch cormorant fishing. Not long after they left, a few fishermen punted in on their bamboo rafts and we were happy to find that they were fishing in the traditional manner.


Yangzhuo was amazing and we really regret not going sooner! We would really love to go again, but now we’ll have to wait until our next trip to China. Our passports have already been handed over to the proper authorities so that our working visa can be replaced with a tourist visa. I can’t believe our time here is almost over!


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