Rolling on the River

I know you’ll all join me in saying, “it’s about time!”

Sorry about the blog delay- somehow only I have the talent to make the easiest job I’ve ever had into a bit of a stress bucket. Stress Bucket– annoying terminology coming to a friend near you. You see, after having worked for the company for only a month I was invited to present a workshop on interactive whiteboards (given my previous experience). Of course, being the person that I am, I accepted.

Yet, much to my surprise, the IWBs that my company uses aren’t the same ones that I’ve used previously. So I have been going in early to figure out this new technology that I’m supposed to be an expert on. But the conference was yesterday and now it’s over and it feels so great! 

Also, my workshop was packed and I’ve heard positive reviews. It was pretty funny because I wanted to show some more in-depth things but my co-workers suggested that I focus on the basics because the rest was so overwhelming. They were absolutely right, even the basic things I did were accompanied by oohs and ahhs- made me feel like a magician with cheap tricks. 😛

After the conference I was finally able to relax and look forward to the highlight of the conference: a cruise of the Pearl River. Ben and I had been wanting to go on one of these for a while and everything is always better when it’s on the company’s dime. 🙂

I took a few pictures for you!


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