Six Banyan Tree Temple

Another day off, another sight to see. This time we opted for a bit of serenity and therefore wandered off to the Six Banyan Tree Temple. However, in our patent way of sight-seeing, we ended up on a bit of a detour and found ourselves at Renmin Park (The People’s Park).

As with all of our detours, we welcomed it as a fun surprise. It’s not a particularly big park and the activities in it are typical of every park we’ve encountered thus far (mahjong, cards, ballroom dancing, and tai chi among them), but it was particularly beautiful since it was all dolled up for the Asian Games. It even boasted one of the Asian Games Torches.

Yet, however fun it was to stumble upon such a beautiful park, we were still looking forward to actually accomplishing one of our sight-seeing goals. So we trudged on and met success at the walls of Liurong Si- The Six Banyan Tree Temple.

It’s interesting being a tourist in a place of worship. The first thing to do is observe what the locals are doing. Well, that isn’t of much help because the locals (mostly of the elder generation) are kowtowing to statues, lighting incense in prayer, and deep in meditation. Although I recognize Buddha to be as an incredible philosopher and as a great inspiration to others, I don’t adhere to this doctrine and therefore can’t act as though I feel otherwise. So Plan B is to act as though you are a tourist in a place of your worship- in a sense of quiet reverence and discrete picture-taking.


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