We’ve got Seoul!

I’ve decided to post some pictures of our 15 hours in Korea.

The first picture shows the people who showed us around- our friend Jake and his friend Yu-Mi (sp?). They took us to this really cool restaurant. See the whole in the table? The waiters set a bucket of coals in there and then place a grill with raw meat of your choice over it. They give you a set of tongs to flip the meat and cook it to your specifications. When the meat is cooked, you pick up a piece with your chopsticks, dip it in a spicy sauce, and wrap it and other toppings in a soy bean leaf. Yum! It was so good!

At this meal I finally tried kimchee (pickled cabbage in hot sauce). It was pretty good- good flavor but weird texture. I liked the kimchee soup better. It was so spicy I feel that if I had had a sore throat the soup would have killed any germs causing it. 😛

Of course, we had some soju as well- Rice liquor. Not my cup of tea. 😛

On our way back we passed a street booth that was like a game from a fair. They set up ‘bricks’ and for a fee you can try to punch through them. If you break them all, you win a prize. Jake bought Ben a try to see if he could. Of course, he did it! He said it was easy but Jake said that he’s seen a lot of people try but never saw anyone win. Ben got me a little blue pillow that says “Love.”


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