The Belly of the Beast

Alright boys and girls, it’s time to pull out your map of Asia. Got it ready?


Ok, fine. Borrow mine:

If you take a look at China you can more-or-less see the shape of a rooster.*

Now find Beijing. As you know, this is the capital of China. Coincidentally, this city is placed at the jugular of the rooster. If you sever this area, the rooster cannot live.

Now find Shanghai. Shanghai is the important business sector of China and instrumental to China’s growing economy. You will notice that Shanghai is at the breast of the rooster- the breast is the most desired and most expensive meat of any rooster.

Finally, find my home- Guangzhou. Guangzhou is at the Rooster’s stomach. This is very appropriate considering how much the people in Guangzhou love to eat.

This is the geography lesson that we got at orientation (if you follow the * you will find the geography lesson’s extension which I found in one of my travel books).

After this geography lesson we were told a joke that I’ll relay to you:

Three extraterrestrials came to China and decided to explore the area. One went to Beijing, one went to Shanghai, and one went to Guangzhou.

The people of Beijing put their ET in a museum.

The people of Shangahai sold their ET for a profit.

And the people of Guangzhou? They served their ET as a specialty.

Now, it is with this lesson in mind that all of the new recruits went out for our welcome lunch and Guangzhou live up to it’s reputation.

In China, when you order a meal, you don’t just order what you want. Instead, the host orders several different dishes which are then placed on a lazy Susan so that the guests can fill their plates with a little of everything. Luckily, our host allowed us to each pick one dish for the table (to ensure we each had something that would fill us up). Since Ben and I had been surviving via supermarket ramen and crackers since we had arrived, we were more than ready for this meal. Among the dishes served: baby bird, cow stomach, and chicken feet. Ben, being able to eat just about anything, tried all of the above. I mostly stuck to dim sum, fried rice, spicy beef, and dumplings.

The most incredible part of the meal was how the food kept coming! soon I thought I was full, but then something delicious looking would be served and I’d have to try it. Then I really was full, but something else delicious looking was served and I had to try that. Finally, I couldn’t eat anything else and still more food was served! The final dish included watermelon and pineapple and, of course, I couldn’t pass that up so I had a few bites more. Ben, of course, ate without reservation throughout the meal. ๐Ÿ˜›

The welcome meal took place two days ago already. Since that time we’ve endured more orientation, got the dl on our visas, gone apartment hunting (found a great place! More on that when we move in), and met our bosses. It’s been such a whirlwind of activity! But one thing we know for sure: We are absolutely LOVING China! ๐Ÿ™‚

Hugs and Loves!

*See Korea? Imagine that this is the rooster’s beak.

See Japan? It’s the worm…


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  1. Sandra Crump
    Nov 01, 2010 @ 01:34:01

    Love your new place. Would like to see more blog postings…it is wonderful seeing how you are doing.
    Tell Ben Hi for me.


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